My time here has been nothing short of amazement of my surroundings. One of those many amazements is seeing my fellow colleagues around campus riding skateboards. When I first got on campus and had seen people riding around on their skateboards I was impressed, and the thought of me being able to do the same made me feel euphoric. So, of course me being in my state of literal awe of skateboard-people-watching I wanted to get in on part of it. Now all of you get to meet Pepper my lovely hybrid cruiser board. I’m not a skateboard connoisseur, but I think this was my best choice as a beginner. Not to mention the Bigfoot deck artwork looking all majestic. Sold. I don’t care to do tricks, flips and kicks not that I could either however. But sure enough, riding around on my skateboard is a wonder to me when I get the chance to. Even though I got it last year, and I'm not half as skilled as everyone else I still have a lot to learn. I can’t count how many times I’ve fell down last year but how will I ever be great if I never learn from my falls?

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