The Bahamas

A New Beginning

Hey there welcome to my blog!  I've decided to bite the bullet, start my blog over and make this my first official blog post. I've wanted a blog for a really long time, but my few attempts has been in every facet absolutely sporadic. I am happy to give my blog a solid start it never had. So I decided to start over even if those few posts were flawed or fabulous. 

My name is Prestine, I’m from the Bahamas and this is my fresh start. My blog will more or less be focused on fashion, style and lifestyle content, and some traveling to if I’m blessed enough to journey around beautiful planet earth. I love fashion and style, the way an outfit can make you feel so confident and showcase your personality; and beautifully developed pictures along with storytelling. I hope that this little light of mine shines and inspires, and I’m excited to see how my blog grows. 

So again I’d like to officially say thank you for the love and welcome you to my little corner on the www! xoxo



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