My time here has been nothing short of amazement of my surroundings. One of those many amazements is seeing my fellow colleagues around campus riding skateboards. When I first got on campus and had seen people riding around on their skateboards I was impressed, and the thought of me being able to do the same made me feel euphoric. So, of course me being in my state of literal awe of skateboard-people-watching I wanted to get in on part of it. Now all of you get to meet Pepper my lovely hybrid cruiser board. I’m not a skateboard connoisseur, but I think this was my best choice as a beginner. Not to mention the Bigfoot deck artwork looking all majestic. Sold. I don’t care to do tricks, flips and kicks not that I could either however. But sure enough, riding around on my skateboard is a wonder to me when I get the chance to. Even though I got it last year, and I'm not half as skilled as everyone else I still have a lot to learn. I can’t count how many times I’ve fell down last year but how will I ever be great if I never learn from my falls?

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Jacksonville, FL, USA

Olive You

The past weeks have been a bundle of things going on and time is flying past. Now it's time to welcome the lovely month of February filled with love, lust and angst. Its not a huge deal to me, but sweet-toothing people like myself can appreciate the candy sales. But if you don't have someone to celebrate Valentine's with, and it concerns you, celebrate yourself. You can be your own worst enemy or your own best friend. Mouth "olive you" to yourself sometime in a mirror, and give yourself a pleasant affirmation. Spread love and it'll come back around.

Tis' the time to wear lace and there was my olive green lace top, along with my high waisted jeans from H&M. Color theory seems to agree that olive goes well with gold and I decided to second that notion. By the way, Happy Valentine's Day!

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The Bahamas


It's a New Year, and that time of year for resolutions and high levels of enthusiasm about goals and aspirations. And yeah, it's all cliché, but its great to be optimistic and zealous about what you want to accomplish at any point in time. I'm sure there are many statistics that show how resolutions don't follow through, however it's important to know that without first changing your mind to confidently believe you can do something, eventually your actions will abort your original objective. Will my future be great? Yes it will. Will I continue on in that notion? Yes I will. I'm going to keep that positive mindset and succeed. I've been a rut of procrasintation for a long time, and its a long time coming that I got out of it. I'm nervous but excited to see what God has in store for me this year and beyond.

I got this denim dress from a friend who no longer wanted it, and thought I could put it to better use. At first it seemed a bit frumpy so I never bothered with it and its not my size, but it just needed love with a different perspective to make it my own. The converse just added to the look I was going for with looking a bit battered.

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